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Readers get their start in the lap of a parent.

Learning to read begins at birth by simply holding your baby and reading a favorite childhood story.


Benefits of reading to your child:

Social & Emotional Health

Children who have been read to are confident communicators, understand emotions better and form stronger relationships.

A Rich Vocabulary

Children who have been read to have a large and diverse vocabulary, a crucial building block to reading.

Deeper Family Bonds

Children who have been read to have stronger relationships with their parents and feel more connected to their family.

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The power of play builds language and literacy.

When you play with your child through songs or with toys, you are sparking imagination and conversation.

The power of playing with your child:

Nurtures Imagination

Playing with your children fosters imagination and lays a foundation to discovery and a large, descriptive vocabulary.

Strengthens Fine Motor Skills

Playing with your children develops motor skills which improves brain processing skills needed to math, science and reading.

Teaches Creative Storytelling

Playing with your children pushes them to invent story lines, characters and places—all fundamentals of reading and writing.

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Talk impacts literacy and learning.

Talking with your children shapes their values, grows their vocabulary and teaches them the importance of listening. Research shows that babies and young children can understand communication from a very young age.

The value of talking with your child:

Language Comprehension

Engaging children in conversation helps them understand the nuanced meaning of a word by letting them hear it used over and over.

Improved Listening Skills

Engaging children in conversation helps them to practice the give and take of conversation and teaches them to decode nonverbal cues.

Strong Literacy Skills

Engaging children in conversation about a book (talking about the pictures, characters or story) has a long-lasting impact on achievement.

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